A common-sense approach

Here at VIKINGS we understand how important your investment is to you; that is why we pride ourselves in providing you with a highly professional and efficient service when it comes to managing your property.

We have been regarded as Felixstowe’s leading independent letting agent for over 35 years, which speaks volumes about us. In this section, however, we aim to give you further insight into what VIKINGS can do for you.

Whilst we are confident that the words ‘professionalism’, ‘experienced’ and ‘knowledgeable’ go a long way towards helping you choose VIKINGS for the management of your property, there are two more words that we guarantee will make a difference: ‘COMMON SENSE’. This attribute is key to ensuring your property is well-managed.

Jason K Scales, owner of VIKINGS, has for 30 years been personally involved with the property management for VIKINGS’ landlords for 30 years. He says:

‘’I can assure you that our common-sense approach in dealing with tenants, landlords and property maintenance alike is what makes our service so unique. Being a landlord myself, I completely understand what is expected to ensure the competent management of properties. I treat every property as if it were my own and my staff have been educated likewise.”

Property management can at times have its challenges – your investment is also the tenant’s home. VIKINGS is the middle-man between you and your tenant; therefore, it is imperative that we treat each situation with care and sensitivity. Experience has taught us that most situations can be managed effectively by being personable and using common sense. We have cultivated this approach, which has been tried and trusted in the management of hundreds of landlords’ properties over the years. We are confident that it will work for you, too.

We offer a wide range of management services that are tailored to suit your requirements. A sample of what we offer follows. Please see our Landlords Guide for a more in-depth view of what we offer. ​

If you prefer, you can call or email our office to book a rental appraisal for your property.


Our Premium Property Management Package is fully comprehensive and covers every aspect of looking after your investment: detailed rental appraisal; pre-marketing advice; premium marketing; bespoke tenant selection; premier management service; legislative advice; property maintenance care; ongoing management of the tenancy. Please see our Landlords Guide for more details.​


This package is designed specifically for experienced landlords who know how to manage their property and understand their legal responsibilities. VIKINGS will prepare the tenancy then you manage the property yourself. The Tenant Find-Only Package includes: premium marketing; bespoke tenant selection; comprehensive tenant checks; preparation of tenancy agreement and inventory; collection of first month’s rent and deposit.


If your property needs improvement before letting, we offer a detailed maintenance programme using our team of qualified tradespersons to cover all aspects of getting your property ready to let. Whether it be simple redecoration or complete refurbishment, we have the complete range of skilled trades available to allow your property to be let in the best possible condition. We will also ensure that all legal standards for letting are met.