Probate Valuations

An Empathetic and Caring Approach

We at VIKINGS are all too aware of how difficult it can be to think about the practicalities of selling a property after a loved one has passed away.

You can rest assured that the staff at VIKINGS have an empathetic and caring approach at this sensitive time, and will help you through the process of valuing (free of charge), and subsequently selling, the property with minimal stress for yourself and others involved in the estate.

We are always happy to liaise with other executors of the estate and solicitors, alongside offering you any help and guidance on all property matters relating to the probate process.

We can also assist you, through the help of VIKINGS’ trusted team of tradespersons, to arrange for the clearance of the property, and to carry out any maintenance or improvements that may be of benefit when getting the property ready for sale.

For more information on our unique service, please feel free to contact Jason, Helen or Jamie, who will be happy to give you professional advice on the probate process with empathy and compassion.

If you prefer, you can simply request a valuation using our online form.